First a big thank you to Promixis for providing Girder 4.0 for this Review.

If you have a remote control for your computer and it only works with certain programs or doesn’t function as you wish then you should consider checking out Girder 4.0

Girder is a program which will allow you to pretty much do whatever you wish with your remote control and your computer. Any program that you can use on your computer with a keyboard or a mouse you can get girder to emulate both the keyboard and the mouse and do it all with your remote control.

In order to get Girder working you have to make sure your remote control is supported. By default Girder only supports 5 different remotes. You can however go onto the Girder web site and from there you can find plugins for a lot more remote controls. These plugins will enable your remote control to work with Girder. Note that when your looking for a plugin for your remote on the Girder web site you have to go to the download section and then in the selection box select Girder and do a search for your plugin and then also select Girder 4 and do a search to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Once you have the plugin depending on the remote control you have you may then need to copy some files around to get Girder working with the remote control. This was the only thing I really didn’t like about this program ,I would have rather of seen a huge list of supported remotes instead of only the 5 it comes with.

Once you get the remote working and you can tell this by looking at the lower left hand side of the program you will see some digits show up when you hit a remote button and the green light will flash. When you know the remote is working with girder now you can start to play around with what this program can do.

Getting the program to work for you is easy if its easy things you wanna do. I had it bring up my task switch window in just a matter of seconds. Every time I hit a button that I defined on the remote my task switch window would come up. It’s also as easy to have that same button do loads of other stuff in windows as well.

Screenshot of the Novice Interface for Girder 4.0

When you look at the main Girder interface its pretty clean and not a lot to confuse you but having said that if you dig further into the program you will see this program can do a lot of stuff. You can have a remote button do a simple procedure like muting the volume or you could have that same button load several different applications for you all at once and then switch between them and make changes to each program that it called up.

When you really get into Girder and start looking at the scripting language it has and what all it can do its simply amazing. Whether or not you want to get that far into or not is up to the end user but its nice to know that if you need the really power full features the software does have it.

The help that comes with Girder is also quite in depth and needs to be for you to get the most use out of Girder. The help goes into showing you how to make a macro and then how to get that to work with your remote. Once you have the basic idea down setting up your own macros should be fairly straight forward.

In conclusion this software is worth buying if you want to get your remote to function the way you want it to. Before you think about purchasing this software you should go visit the Girder website and make sure that you can find support / plugins for your remote control. At the time of this article you could buy Girder 4 for around 49.99 U.S

Below are some more screen shots of Girder 4.0 Enjoy.

Screen Shot of the Novice Interface.

Screen Shot of the Advanced Interface.

Screen Shot of the General Settings.

Screen Shot of the Plugin Settings.