For the last couple of years i have always used the same ftp client and since i don’t use it often i never thought about switching. It wasn’t until a friend of mine got a hold of me the other night and wanted to know what a good ftp program was and where to get it.

After i got the e-mail i went into google and did some searching and come up with this program called filezilla. So tonight i decided to give it a shot and installed the program and i must say I’m amazed that for something with the price tag of free this thing works better then the commercial ftp program i had.

One thing that annoyed me to no end in my previous ftp program was it wouldn’t load up with the thing in auto mode for the file transfers. Instead it would always load up with binary as the default and do to that i run into several issues of some programs not working at all for my web site. If the program would of had a Auto mode then i wouldn’t have had a problem. Basicly the problem i was having was uploading files in binary mode when they should have been uploaded in text mode..

FileZilla on the other hand comes with Auto mode on by default so i doubt i will have any issues with this. This program and I’m not sure why this is seems faster then my other one as well. When i connected to a site with this program and go into a directory its there right away where in the other program i used it would take a few seconds to get the directory list up the first time you went into a directory.

I also checked to see if the passwords were encrypted in the config file for this program and they are. I’m not sure what the creator is using for password encryption but i sent him off a e-mail and hopefully he will let me know.

Overall the program looks pretty good , its what you would expect in a ftp program. When you connect up to a site using the connection method on the top of the screen it will remember that site you connected to and also the password for it witch is nice. It also has a option on that connect button to clear the list witch is also handy.

Another thing i noticed was for a single user install it doesn’t use the windows registry this to me is a big plus. It means you should be able to move this program around to different machines with your current configuration and not have to worry to much about the program not working do to missing information you don’t have from the registry.

The program will also remember your last used directory as well. So when you load the program up you are where you left off in terms of what directory you had open on your hard drive when you exited the program.

Here is the link to where you can get this free program and check it our for your self..