Since the end of 2008 is upon us I figured now would be a good time to update the users of Wolfmanzbytes of the events of this year and also what I have in store for the web site in 2009.

First thing I want to say is thank you to the users of Wolfmanzbytes for making this web site the success that it has been. I remember way back in 2005 when I launched the web site I was wondering if anyone would even bother to visit the web site. Now in 2008 the web site has more traffic then I imagined it would get and for that I have to thank the users who come to this site on a regular basis.

Part of 2008 was a bit slow do to a mountain bike crash I had. I entered a mountain bike race with my young nephew at the time to make sure he would make it to the end of the 20km course and he did make it. The problem was half way through the course I had a kid wipe out in front of me and in trying to avoid running the kid over I ended up hitting a rut with my front wheel which brought the mountain bike to an abrupt stop. Of course as some of you may know an object in motion remains in motion and I got shot over the handle bars and into the ground shoulder first.

When I hit the ground I knew something was up when I tried to push off my right arm to stand up. To make a long story short I fractured and dislocated my right shoulder. After going to the hospital and getting all that fixed I was unable to even move my arm for over a month. As it turns out it took several months to even get basic movement back so that I could use my arm and shoulder again. Once the shoulder was better I got back to work on the web site and have been doing review after review ever since.

At some point in time in the future I may continue with the Audio podcasts but that depends on if I get heavy into doing the Video Reviews that I have been putting up onto youtube. The problem is I don’t have enough time in the day to do Audio podcasts and also Videos and still find time to look at new stuff to review.

I think in 2009 I will be really pushing hard to get more Video Reviews out to youtube but I will have to see how that turns out. Anyone who has done video knows it’s a time consuming processes even when you’re talking about producing 10 minute clips.

I think the highlights for me this year has to be some of the companies that I managed to get on board and who have provided me with either hardware or software to review. For me the most challenging aspect of this web site is always getting the attention of the big hardware and software companies. When you look over onto the contributors list that you can see on the main page of this site, you see what companies in either past or present have provided things for me to review. This web site would not exist if it weren’t for those companies providing things for me to review, so I have to thank them as well as the users who come to this web site.

So to wrap this up I want to thank everyone who has helped make Wolfmanzbytes a success, and wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2009 turns out to be even better then 2008 was.