Time for another site update i suppose. As some of you may have noticed the web site over the past few weeks has undergone quite the change in terms of looks. The biggest news though is,  I will start doing Video Reviews along with my text Reviews.

When i first started this web site it was my intention to do Videos and Audio podcasts but do to the bandwidth required i simply couldn’t do it. After talking with a friend of mine about youtube i decided i would do some videos and put them up on youtube and then link to them from this web site. So far the youtube idea is working out but i don’t rely to much on it and this is why i will continue doing text Reviews as well.

Anyone looking at the web site over the last few days will have noticed the Video Review graphic has changed to another video cam. The first Video Review graphic i had was a picture i took of the then newly purchased JVC GZ-MG135U. I used that cam for almost a week and i wasn’t that impressed with the image quality of it. The fact it recorded to mpeg2 was yet another problem since editing mpeg2 is a bit of a problem.

So this time i did some searching on the net and found the cam that you see now in the Video Review Graphic. The new video cam is a Panasonic PVGS320 and this cam over all is a better video cam then the last one. The Panasonic PVGS320 has a 3 CCD system in it and the image quality is better then the JVC. The other big thing is this new cam doesn’t record to hard disk using mpeg2 like the other cam but instead uses the MiniDV format. Do to the fact the cam uses the MiniDV format i get a much higher quality image when transferring the videos to the computer for editing.

So hopefully this new video cam will work out for the long haul and i don’t have any issues with it. I should mention that i DO NOT plan on doing Video Reviews for every text Review i do. I will only do a Video Review of something if it seems like it would be a good choice for it. One thing to keep in mind about the Video Reviews is they take a long time to record and then to edit. This is the reason i don’t want to do a Video Review of everything i Review.

If you watch my Video Reviews and have comments about them good or bad please leave me a message in the forums under the multimedia section.