This is the latest Audio NetCast from WolfManz611..

In today’s show I talk about the Yeti USB Microphone Review as well as some news stories from this past week.

00:00:00 to 00:04:09 Yeti Review.
00:04:09 to 00:07:24 Blizzard: DRM is a Losing Battle
00:07:24 to 00:11:17 Red Dead Redemption Review.
00:11:17 to 00:17:51 Enhance Desktop Security Using Virtualization.
00:17:51 to 00:19:17 Analyst’s View: How to Catch a Virus.
00:19:17 to 00:20:14 Eircom to cut broadband over illegal downloads.
00:20:14 to 00:23:03 New malware attack laughs at your antivirus software.
00:23:03 to 00:23:35 Show Wrapup.

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