I can’t figure out how EA stays in business all these years. Battlefield 2 has blown me away with the sloppiness that EA has shown time and time again with this game. I remember reading a while back that for patch 1.3 they would be fixing 140 bugs. What amazes me is the two biggest complaints I had about the game didn’t seem to make there repair list. My two issues that annoyed me to no end was the game browser and the fact it was showing full servers when I had the filter on to not show full servers. Also the other problem I bitched about was the update server button and the fact it didn’t work. Now can you take a guess at what two things are still not working right?

This type of stuff blows me away, I seen numerous reviews of the game and even people bitching in forums about these two problems and yet there 140 bug fix patch didn’t even address these two issues. What really kills me is they did add a Favorites to the game browser but while in there doing that it never even dawned on them to fix the filters.

A new bug they seemed to have introduced into the game is when your clicking on a spawn point sometimes you have to hunt around all over the the dot on the map to get it to spawn you back in. It’s like you have to hit a certain pixel or something to get back into the map after you die.

The vehicles also seem as gutless as ever. Vehicles still come to a crawl when going up a slope. I think some of the dune buggy sounds are worse now then in the previous patches. I also noticed another glitch today when I died and come back to life I had a totally different gun. Somehow when I died and come back to life my kit got switched.

On top of all this crap you still got the basic issues with the game like it taking 3 AT missiles to take out a APC.. The Sniper Rifles still suck ass and if you want to be a sniper your still better off being the AT guy and using the missile launcher as your sniper rifle.

So you maybe wondering what are the good things about the patch and I suppose the fact its free is one good thing lol. They did as I said add a Favorites to the game browser and they also made it now so you can see the names of the people who are riding with you when your riding in a vehicle.

They did add Wake Island 2007 to the patch and it does look good but thats it, its still the same map that you seen in BF1942 but with better foliage and trees. I would have rather of seen a new map done from scratch then seen a map that I have already seen a million times in BF1942.

I was hoping they would finally put the crack pipe down and finally given us a patch that was worthy of the wait and this patch is not that. I think EA knows people will buy shit and to that end thats what we are going to keep getting till enough people don’t take it any more and demand better. I’m not going to hold my breath and wait for EA to start making good games because I don’t think it will happened in my life time.

So thats my take on this patch..